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Inner Mongolia Xuyue chemical group Shenyang office (Shenyang Jinnuo materials distribution station)

According to the group¡¯s integral sales strategy, Inner Mongolia Xuyue chemical group Shenyang office (Shenyang Jinnuo materials distribution station) was set up formally in 1996. After years of trials and hardships, it won attentions and supports from all walks of life and the prospective sales conception was realized. It played a role as a bridge and vinculum between enterprises and customers. Today, facing new challenges and chances by entering WTO, Jinnuo materials distribution station will insist the business idea ¡°honesty and credit is a basis, team spirit, pioneering and making progress, being practical-minded and innovating¡± and repay the society with high quality service.

Inner Mongolia Xuyue chemical group is situated at the beautiful and richly endowed Etuoke prairie, and the state road 109 interpenetrates several member enterprises. It is famous for ¡° prairie chemical city¡±. And it is a fifth large profit and tax group in local administrative office. The member enterprises such as chahannao chemical co., Ltd., Baiyan nao chemical co., Ltd , eqi chemical co., Ltd and wuhai shi chemical co., Ltd have a long history. In 30 years before 1980s they mainly depended on mining crude alkali and selling resource and after several times of system changing and evolution they developed into modern enterprises with multi kinds of scale benefits form small workshops with single processing.

In recent years with the deepening of the reform the two civilizations fly wing to wing and develop rapidly, and the people live and work in peace and contentment. In the fierce market economic tide they enhance management and take science and technology as a forerunner. President Zhang sanhou developed successfully ¡°Halogen producing processing by separating salt and alkali in lake¡± and this make the enterprises bring the dying back to life and be rejuvenesced. This processing also gained national patent and awarded for several times by national scientific committee, the ministry of chemical industry and autonomous region. It also gained gold medal in tenth china new technology fair, autonomous region new technology fair, new product trade fair and scientific promotion golden cup in chemical and petroleum industry. It was elected as one of the best ten enterprises for patent application. By the application of this patent the cost decreased markedly, and the product volume doubled, and the quality was improved, and it has strongest competition in the same industry.

Xuyue chemical group is a large-scale chemical enterprise in the west of erduosi plateau and has rich resources, strong producing ability and abundant economic power. It deals in seven crude alkali mines (lakes) such as chahannao, wudunao, malinnao, hadatu, baiyannao, hamatai and taohaotu. The mine covers 20.85 square kilometers and the proved reserve reaches 47105 thousand tons, and the estimated service life is over 40 year. The annual producing ability of crude alkali (Na2Co3) is 1000 thousand tons. It has the annual producing ability of 20 thousand tons of caustic soda (NaCH), over 9 thousand tons of edible sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3). 1000 tons of white carbon black, 10000 tons of (Na2SiO3), and 1000 tons of Glauber salt alkali (Na2So4). The quality conforms to GB1990-89 national standard, and the group has a fixed assets of 110 million yuan and can realize profit and tax of 30 million Yuan. It has a staff of 3000 workers and over 150 are engineering and technological talents. It has complete organizations and it is in large scale. The products of Xuyue, Yahua, and Xuehou brand are used in the field of foods, papermaking, textile and chemical industry and were sold to over twenty provinces, municipality directly under the Central Government and autonomous regions and were also exported to Japan. Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The group depends on the reliable quality and first class of service and won the customers¡¯ trust, and the product has three guarantees for repair, replacement or compensation of fault products. We consign for shipment commission and insist the aim ¡°credit is first and customers is ultimate¡±. We are willing to set up long time cooperative relation with customers form domestic and overseas. Welcome cordially people and phones to make arrangements with us and let us share the beautiful scene of erduosi prairie.

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